We at Lime Trees Care Group understand how much of an impact on families a brain injury or neurological condition has.


We are committed to supporting families as well as the individual and can give advice and guidance if and when needed. We make it one of our aims to involve peoples families as much as possible in all aspects of their life, examples would be; Care Pathway Planning, Reviewing and assessments of Peoples care, Coffee Mornings, BBQ’s, Festive Party’s.

Involvement & Interaction
It is important that families understand and feel comfortable with accessing our homes and becoming involved with the person’s life whilst staying with us.

We encourage families to continue to be involved both in the person’s home and out. We can help you meet at pubs and restaurants and provide a member of the team to help whilst out and about.

As part of a Group – we consider meeting and mixing with other people that we provide support for and their families a great way of building on social skills and promoting relationships.

We actively organise events such as Coffee Mornings, BBQ’s and Festival Parties at all the homes.

Families & Friends are welcome and provide a real positive atmosphere for all there.


More Information

Person Centred Care

Each person that we help is provided with a person centred plan, this is an individual assessment carried out with the person and / or their families.

Respite Care

A Brain Injury or other neurological condition does not just effect the individual, it can affect the whole family.

Goals & Lifestyle Planning

Whether it may be physiotherapy to help you to walk or a gardening project, we will support you to achieve your goals.


24 Hour Specialised Support for young individual

Joe’s disability means that he needs for 24 hour specialised support, not able to be delivered in a Supported Living Home. The backing of a team solely devoted to his care needed to be set up.

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