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    At Lime Trees Care Group (LTCG) we pride ourselves on delivering a high level of care for individuals between our three homes; Lime Trees, Oakley House and Rowland House.

    LTCG has ensured that the standards initially set out in the 2002 Care Standards Act and more recently the 2008 Care Standards, have always been met – initially comprising of 14 standards at a ‘Commendable’ level, then moving forwards to a level 3 ‘rating’ over the following 8 years. We have given advice and guidance, upon request, to other organisations that have had difficulty meeting these high standards.

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24 Hour Specialised Support for young individual

Joe’s disability means that he needs for 24 hour specialised support, not able to be delivered in a Supported Living Home. The backing of a team solely devoted to his care needed to be set up.

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Family Support & Care of individual

“My family and I have been very pleased with the care of our sister at the home. Every effort is made to understand my sister’s requirements and to adjust those requirements as they change.”

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