We pride ourselves on offering a high standard of specialised care service for adults, young and old, with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, behaviours that may challenge and brain injury (ABI & TBI).

Preliminary Assessment and Screening of Needs (PASN)

It is an important consideration for us to be completely transparent when it comes to future placements within Lime Trees Care Group; we have detailed some of the processes that we use when setting up a new Care Pathway for someone;

  • Primarily we will use our Preliminary Assessment and Screening of Needs & source information and support from Multi Disciplinary Team’s that may be involved with the NHS or Private Rehabilitation Centers.
  • Focus will be on initial transition plans, progressing to longer term assessments (3-6 months) of the initial settling in period.
  • Tailored training and specialised support for care providers of individuals during and after placements by recognised leaders in Head Injury – Headway & BIRT.
  • Time lined goals for identified needs, progression, life skills and overall sustainable abilities.

We are able to provide a full assessment and treatment plan in relation to rehabilitation for people that have recently been discharged from hospital or are currently receiving treatment.

Further help and guidance towards the following will build a basis for our philosophy;

  • Increasing Independence.
  • Social Integration.
  • Access to Employment.
  • Education & Training.
  • Advice & Support.
  • Communication.
  • Modifying Behaviour.
  • Emotional & Mental Health.
  • Supporting Families.

More Information

Care Planning / Pathways

Places are generally offered on the basis of it being their ‘home’ for as long as the individual wishes to live there and the home is able to meet their identified needs.

Staffing Levels

We understand the importance of committing to staff support, as such our staffing levels within the group remain stable and effective.

Services & Support

Lime Trees Care Group has implemented a different ethos form most care provisions within residential care.


24 Hour Specialised Support for young individual

Joe’s disability means that he needs for 24 hour specialised support, not able to be delivered in a Supported Living Home. The backing of a team solely devoted to his care needed to be set up.

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