As an Organisation, we understand the importance of committing to staff support, as such our staffing levels within the group remain stable and effective. We promote development and training and in turn have found that our team have become a solid foundation in the delivery of complex support for those people that use our service.

It is a strategy of ours to involve the staffing team across the three homes, with training, meeting up with the people we support in other homes and supporting one another in their roles. We have been able to identify individual staff strengths and apply them accordingly within the 3 homes. This remains one of our key acheivments in creating individualised care pathways, matching those who provide support with those who need it.

Typical Staffing Levels Per 24 hour period;

Lime Trees - 6 Bedroomed

Day staff; 4 Support Staff (including a Team Leader).

Night Staff; 2 (inclusion of a Team Leader).

Oakley House - 2 Bedroomed

Day Staff; 2 Support Staff (inclusion of Team Leader).

Night Staff; 1

Rowlands House - 3 Bedroomed

Day Staff; 2 Support Staff (inclusion of Team leader)

Night Staff; 1


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