Individuals at Lime Trees are generally offered a place on the basis of it being their ‘home’ for as long as the individual wishes to live there and the home is able to meet their identified needs.  We have progressed in the areas of transitional development - supporting people to enhance and develop their abilities and achieve realistic goals to enable them to ‘move on’ to a more independent setting if required.

Care is provided based upon the needs of the individual, a 1:1 approach to delivering care. Specialised areas covered include Prions Disease, Physical Impairment, Acquired Brain Injury & Traumatic Brain Injury, MS and Huntington’s Disease.

Oakley House meets the needs of younger adults that may not be suited to sharing a larger home and those that may need a more comprehensive care assessment. Utilising 1:1 staffing and on-site care coordinators, we specialise in helping people integrate back into the community from larger homes/hospitals where they may have lived for significant periods of time. We recognise, as a team, the importance of all the skills inherent with living daily life within the community and as such, the challenges that may need to be overcome, dealing with them in a manner commensurate with the individuals personal needs.

Our Care Homes